Managing a condominium doesn’t

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A letter from our CEO

Hey there,

Living in a condo is wonderful but it comes with all the responsibilities of home-ownership and the responsibilities don’t vanish by just paying the condo fees.

Condo board members and managers are responsible to look after a few to hundreds of residents and take important decisions; this doesn’t sound at all like a worry-free lifestyle, especially for first-time board members.

At Propty, we help the volunteer board members and property managers run a building more efficiently while building a happy resident community.

We bridge residents and managers to a transparent, efficient, and modern platform to increase your building value and at the same time help you retain happy co-owners and tenants.

We started with a simple application for sending notices and now we help you with end-to-end communication, amenity reservations, file storage, and package management to keep your building in order.

And we’re just getting started.



The story

Founded in Montreal, three software engineers saw the need for an easier way to manage condominiums. Having experienced endless phone calls to resolve maintenance issues and being left out from important decisions in the building, the idea to leverage tech to improve the co-living lifestyle is born.

Through a modern and simple platform, Propty helps volunteer board members and property managers operate properties more efficiently while building a responsible resident community.

Meet the dream team

Propty started as a side hustle and now we have a team of avengers.

Matthew profile picture

Matthew Munger

Software developer

Charles profile picture

Charles Crete

Co-founder & VP of Engineering

Simon Dorvil profile picture

Simon Dorvil

Chief of Product

Kapies Profile Picture

Kapies Vallipuram

Co-founder & CTO

Hussein profile picture

Hussein Reda

Co-founder & CEO

Thenas profile pic

Thenas Vallipuram

Financial specialist

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Propty helps managers run condominiums more efficiently while building a trusted resident community.

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