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Modern property management

Condo management can be daunting and complex especially when you’re dealing with a menu of responsibilities.

Propty helps you manage the tedious tasks seamlessly so you can focus on what matters most, retain your clients and turn them into happy customers.

One source of truthOne source of truth

What’s in it for you?

1. Manage from anywhere

Transform the way you manage your condominium with a platform that helps you provide a remarkable service while managing building operations seamlessly.

2. Save time

Propty helps you save time on the redundant tasks that can take valuable effort from growing your business like answering the same questions and demands.

3. Happy clients

Propty helps you keep everything organized so that you can focus on what matters most, retaining your clients and turning them into big fans of your business.

Keep things organized

Are you tired of managing using spreadsheets, email chains, and other antiquated tools? Propty is a better way.

Manage requests demoManage requests demo

Manage requests like a hero

Still, looking for that email? Propty keeps all maintenance requests in a centralized inbox for better traceability. Find them easily and access past requests for better context.

Resident notice demoResident notice demo

Share notices on the fly

Got some news to share? Propty lets you share them by SMS, emails, and in-app notifications. You can target specific spaces, individuals, or all residents.

Amenity reservationAmenity reservation

More amenities to manage? No problem

Be data-driven and understand your building amenities usage and make adjustments as needed.

Property management teamProperty management team

Have a team?

Invite your team members to help you maintain the building and get things done with customized roles and permissions.

Build happy communityBuild happy community

Grow your brand

Propty helps you grow your portfolio while showcasing the work you do in the resident portal, notices, and building events. We know how hard you work and your name deserves to be at the front.


Propty is designed to save you time while growing your business.

Package management

Automate package collection using smart parcel locker systems and app notifications to keep your mailroom neat.

Document Storage

All building documents are in one place. Easily accessible by residents, property managers, and board members.


Collect feedback easier and faster with unlimited surveys to boost resident and board member satisfaction.

Rules and Regulations

Add, share and enforce building rules to promote a responsible community.


Send important notices to your residents with SMS, email and know whether each notice has been delivered.

One Inbox

Chat with residents in one intuitive inbox designed for property managers to take care of requests with a breeze.

Annual General Meetings

Save at least 8 hours of work. Schedule, manage and host your AGMs stress-free with our powerful board portal.

Amenity Bookings

Manage all condominium amenities and keep track of your building's assets usage and when residents access them.

Payment integration

Collect condo fees and view co-owners statements of accounts including reminders to pay missed payments.

Owner & Tenant Portal

Empower your residents with easy access to your management services and receive the latest building announcements.

Maintenance Requests

Manage building maintenance requests and respond to your messages while your teammates can be part of the conversation.

Built-in CRM

Keep spaces, contracts, and resident info organized in a super user-friendly, built-in CRM, designed for property managers.

Automatic reminders

Automate email notifications when residents are set to renew their lease or rent and home insurance to keep your building safe.

You're in good company

Propty is trusted by over 66,000+ residents, condo associations and property managers

Not sure if Propty is right for your building?

Schedule a call with our team and discuss your goals. Let’s see how we can help.

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Propty helps managers run condominiums more efficiently while building a trusted resident community.

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