Schedule an AGM stress free - Hero

Annual general meetings & Elections

Schedule an AGM stress-free

Schedule and host virtual AGMs with ease saving you hours of time while delighting your

co-owners with an efficient way to attend remotely.

Schedule an AGM stress free - Hero
Attend from anywhere

Attend from anywhere

Non-attendance due to constraints is a thing of the past. Your co-owners deserve a secure portal to attend and participate in meetings from anywhere giving everyone complete peace of mind.

Live Quorum

Propty calculates the AGM's quorum in real-time so you know whether it is valid to take place right from the start.

Online Voting

Hold anonymous and secure polls with a few clicks. Whether it's an election or a budget approval, just sit back, relax and watch the results in real-time.

Simplify proxies

Still can't attend the AGM? Assign a representative and sign the proxy form digitally, saving you hours of emails and filling forms manually.

And more features

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By authorizing and authenticating the signature, you can rest assured that the right person submitted the information.

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Record the entire meeting, including the video conference, the chat, and all the important statistics in case a meeting review is needed.

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Participants Activity

Know whether each participant has voted and the total participation duration or even the time they joined and left the meeting.

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Data import

We make it super easy for you to import your participants via Excel regardless of the property management application you’re using.

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Real-time Statistics

Access important insights like meeting’s quorum, participation ratio, and a number of proxies, and best of all, it’s in real-time.

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Useful Report

Generate a detailed report including meeting minutes, stats, election results and all participant's activities.

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Automatic reminders

Have trouble getting the Quorum? With our automatic reminders, we make sure all users get automatic reminders to attend your event.

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Trusted & Secure

We use the highest security standards with token-driven authentication and IP tracking. Participants can only vote once and votes are backed-up and protected.

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Advanced customizations

Customize your invitation emails and event appearance so you can stand out and deliver a unique message to your audience.

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Propty helps managers run condominiums more efficiently while building a trusted resident community.

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