One Mission

Help us change the world, one building at a time

We’re transforming one of the world’s largest industries. Together, we can decide what the future of real estate looks like.

Values we live by

We want to continue building a dream team with highly concentrated talented resources. Every team member has a voice, enjoys great autonomy, and is able to make a genuine, tangible, and measured impact on improving millions of co-owners lives.


You are responsible, make wise decisions, and thrive on freedom.


You focus on great results and consistently demonstrate high performance.


You take smart risks and say what you think even if it is controversial.


You think outside the box and create new ideas that prove to be useful.


You are straightforward and non-political when you disagree with others.


You care intensely about the problems we’re solving and inspire others with your hunger for excellence.


You seek what’s best for Propty, rather than best for yourself or your group.


You seek to understand strategy, market, customers, or areas outside your specialty.


You listen well instead of reacting fast. You are concise and articulate in speech and writing.

Fun facts

  • We all have a long history of working together prior to working at Propty

  • Both Kapies and Hussein were classmates and graduated on the same day

  • Hussein has lived most of his life in a co-ownership complex on 4 different continents

When we go out

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Join our team

We’re a team based in Montreal where you can work whenever and wherever suits you. If you want to solve real daily life problems, apply to join our team.

You're in good company

Propty is trusted by over 66,000+ residents, condo associations and property managers

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Propty helps managers run condominiums more efficiently while building a trusted resident community.

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